A Good Year

June 27, 2009

vinoThis morning I lingered in bed a little longer than usual while a low grade, red wine fog cleared from my head. Thankfully it didn’t take too long.

I don’t know a lot about choosing wine. I usually look for a Cabernet Sauvignon in a particular price range. If I’m daring enough to stray from a label I’m familiar with, when I pop the cork I can only hope for the best. I prefer wines that are at least two years old since rumour has it, allowing one to sit at least this long helps settle the tannins, making it easier on the noggin. But I know some of the best wines improve with age.

This morning once the fog had pretty much rolled out of my brain a thought came to me.  Maybe I’m like one of those bottles that have been sitting in the cellar all these years waiting for the right time to be opened. I feel as if I’m twisting that cork slowly, carefully, tightening my muscles and pulling upward. There’s a slight hesitation. I don’t want any to spill or go to waste. I don’t want to accidentally break the bottle. I want to start pouring when I feel sure I’m ready. But how can I  know for sure until I take a taste? I’ve never met a sommelier able to predict the best year to pop one’s cork in life (although I have met a few whiners…) I think pulling the cork out of a bottle that’s been maturing to reach the perfect vintage can be risky. You might open it before it hits its peak. But wait too long you might find it’s spoiled, turning bitter or sour. Too bad people aren’t as predictable as grapes.

When I finally decide to give a steady yank I hope what I discover spills out freely. I hope it swirls with a rich, even tone, deep in character, bursting with flavour. And, I hope I don’t wait too long. I’m pretty sure when it comes to uncorking the essence of life now is the right time to pour.


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