June 28, 2009

Think I’ll keep the word count low today. Didn’t sleep so well last night (more on that topic some other day and, no, wine consumption can’t be blamed). So, despite the fact that it’s Sunday and the forecast predicts rain (perfect day to lay on the couch and watch a load of movies or read a book) I must drag my sleep deprived butt out of this chair and tackle the mounting piles of housework I’ve tried to avoid all week. The list is gigantic and includes (among other things): reorganizing the pantry and cupboards (my stomach just knotted, maybe I’ll do that one tomorrow), figuring out how to make my room work with me and not against me (as serene as my space can be in the morning the rest of the day can be a challenge – desk too small, too much clutter, etc.) and all the other general duties around here needed to keep me sane. I can put up with the disarray for only so long (and it ain’t that long) before I start to get edgy.

At times, an overwhelming list of duties can paralyze me. You might be surprised to know how long I’ve been sitting here. I need to get moving…


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