Joyeux Anniversaire, Canada!

July 1, 2009

Canadian FlagI didn’t get enough sleep again last night (not as bad as some night’s though) and my eyes are beginning to take on the red and white hue of the Canadian flag, which reminds me:

Happy Canada Day!

I was born and raised here so it’s difficult to imagine being anything other than Canadian. What does that really mean though? We Canadians get made fun of for being too polite (what’s wrong with being polite?) and saying certain things in a funny way (now, what the heck is that all aboot, eh?). But wherever you go, or wherever you come from, you meet all types, from A+ to A-hole and everything in between.

Last year Bill and I walked down to the end of our street and caught an amazing Canada Day celebration. It surprised me at how many people from the neighborhood showed up. Too bad we won’t be doing that this year due to the strike between the City of Toronto and the city’s civic employees. There won’t be any fireworks crackling across the horizon tonight. I guess if we want to mingle with members from our community we could always take a stroll down to one of the temporary garbage drop off sites where, if the strike doesn’t end soon, the mounting piles of stinking bags will begin to obscure the skyline.  I suppose one good thing is that we’re all getting a good idea of how much trash we’re producing.

Aren’t our leaders supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us? If the city can’t work in harmony with its employees how do they expect the rest of us to get along? Despite the stench in the air over the matter I think, overall, most of us are doing a pretty good job of keeping it together. Each of us taking responsibility of our own trash and what we put out there can really go a long way.

I think that’s one of the qualities that make a great country: Citizens who respect the land, themselves and each other.

So, Happy Birthday Canada! Here’s to clear eyes, blue skies and being responsible for the mess in our own front yard.


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