Am I dreaming?

July 2, 2009

I had a dream last night (or was it this morning?) where I had this clear semi-longish tube thing attached to the back of my throat. The tube followed up past my tongue and slid part way out of my mouth. I could feel it lodged back there in my gullet and when I went to the doctor he said there was nothing he could do. For some bizarre reason (probably because I was actually sleeping) I didn’t panic. I knew in my heart, if I tried hard enough, although I wasn’t exactly certain how, everything was going to be okay.

This is reoccurring dream theme for me. I have something I want to get out of my mouth (usually gum. go figure) and regardless of how much I try to spit, pull or will it out it won’t budge. Now, don’t worry… I don’t plan on recounting, dissecting and analyzing all of my slumber-filled hallucinations here but you’ve got to admit sometimes they can be pretty interesting. I think one of the most fascinating aspects about dreaming is how elaborate and cleverly composed some of them can be, like a Fellini movie or a night spent with the Cirque Du Soleil.  But we’re the directors (or our subconscious minds are) of what sometimes turns out to be the most incredibly shot films splashing against the back of our skulls. I like that idea. But it can be mind-boggling, sometimes, trying to figure out what the hell they’re/ we’re trying to say. I know dreams are the mind’s way of trying to work something out. But what exactly? Okay… My dream might have been telling me there’s something I need to say. But say what and to whom? If it’s even words I’m supposed to spit out. Maybe all it’s trying to tell me is to stop chewing so much gum?

Perhaps last night’s subconscious revelation has a connection to all the “talking” I’ve been doing here (the tube in the dream was clear after all). My mind’s way of telling me I’m on the right track. Yeah, or, maybe I’m just dreaming.


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