July 3, 2009

recordI’m feeling a bit blue this morning but it’s too early to tell exactly what shade or if it will settle in. I’m feeling stuck… again (ugh, I hate to even admit it). Seems like the record I’ve been playing for the last… few years, has acquired some scratches and I keep getting caught in the groove. And its not one of those hey-I-can’t-stop-dancing-to-the -music grooves either. The type of groove I get jammed in comes from playing the same old song over too many times. After awhile the vinyl’s bound to thin out in certain places. Not only that, the various tunes I’m singing I’ve sung so many times I can barely stand to hear them anymore.

I remember the days when the record player ruled. When a song skipped on our favourite albums we’d coax it to the next track by applying a bit of pressure. We dropped small piles of change on to the arm of the needle, a few dimes or a couple of quarters, leaning it into the overplayed patch of music until eventually the record was able to glide along its way. I wonder how many quarters (shit- rolls of toonies these days) I’d have to lay on my head to get me to slide over to the next track.

But this isn’t about money. It’s about me applying a bit of pressure to myself, getting rid of my broken records and moving.

I think I’ll go grab my iPod, choose a song I haven’t heard for a while and hit play.


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