La Bibliothèque

July 9, 2009

Over the last few months I’ve fallen into the habit of spending one day a week (or at least a few hours of it) at the library. I love it here. It’s good for me to plop myself in an environment away from the multitude of distractions I find myself surrounded by in a day (as if thousands of books, magazines, cds and dvds aren’t distracting) and get down to some much needed work. I take the opportunity to write, teach myself French, go through and reply to emails (I can connect to the internet here, just one more thing to love), tidy up loose ends on my computer (I have over 4500 pictures in iPhoto at least half of which I need to trash- yawn) or whatever else needs to get done. Mainly though I write. About a week ago I finished a draft of a project I’d been working on for awhile. I plan to start draft number three in a couple of  weeks so until then I think I’ll spend my library time working on some French. J’espère parler le français très bien un jour. À bientôt!


One Response to “La Bibliothèque”

  1. Angela said

    Sounds so serene and not a bad habit to have.

    It’s been a pleasure catching up with you on these pages. I look forward to my daily dose of you.


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