The Balancing Act

July 11, 2009

Yesterday was the first time since I started this blog that I didn’t post an entry- and it felt a little strange. It feels like the process of posting daily has had a good effect on me. Maybe it’s keeping me grounded. Taking the jumble of words, thoughts and ideas constantly twirling in my head (or at least some of them) away from their usual blur to something more focused. I think it’s enabled me to clear out some much needed space inside my skull. But there’s more than one way to find balance and as strange as it felt not to write I had a wonderful day.

A friend of mine taught her first yoga class here yesterday and it was great. She’s a lot like me in some ways. When the thought to take the teachers’ training course popped into her head she hummed and hawed for awhile dancing around the idea by convincing then unconvincing herself to commit. Could she afford it and adjust her daily flow to fit it into her schedule? Could she finish the assignments on time, was she making the right choice, was she ready? Then one day she hushed the naysayer in her head long enough to put her foot down and jump in.  She’s put in a lot of hard work, and still has a few months to go before she completes the training, but yesterday we got a taste of what’s to come. My friend and I spend a lot of time together so I know her . But once I hit the mat I cleared my mind of our history as friends (a very good history might I add) and allowed her to become my teacher. It was a beautiful experience. She lead the class with confidence and at times I felt my body fill with happiness. Every so often my mind drifted back to the fact that this incredible woman was the same person who several months ago shed a few doubts in order to sit on that mat in front of the class and show us the way. How inspiring is that?

After I left the studio I floated over to Queen and Bay here in Toronto to take in some of the Outdoor Art Exhibition in Nathan Philip Square. Is it just me or does it seem a bit smaller this year? Even so, there’s still a lot to take in and no matter what taste you have when it comes to checking out artwork you’re bound to find something that catches your attention. I love gallery hopping. Checking out art refuels me. It ignites my creativity by stirring up ideas I’ve let settle at the base of my gut. Ironically, the kryia my friend’s class focused on was all about keeping the creative energies flowing. That’s so important and in our busy lifestyles and it’s easy to get off course.

Life is like a balancing act as we attempt to distribute the weight of what we bear. Each day we toss work loads, chores, emotional states, relationships, (and on and on) on to the scale and it’s the way we feel inside that tells us how well we’re adjusting. Personally, I can feel a bit sluggish, claustrophobic or melancholy if I focus too much on the job or the house or the pile of ideas trapped in my gut (that’s where they hide) instead of reaching inside and setting a few of them free. I need to find a way in my day to day to keep myself flowing. One day I may hit a few galleries or the yoga mat. And on another I take a few photos, a walk in the park or drop of few lines. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to go about it but the better I feel the more I know I’m on the right track.


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