Whatever Works…

July 15, 2009


I saw the new Woody Allen movie, Whatever Works, today and I liked it. Larry David stars in it and has to be the perfect choice to play the “Woody” role, a character present in most Woody Allen films whether Allen shows up in it or not. I’m going to leave the critque at that since it can be nice going to see a film you don’t know too much about. I will say, I’m a big Woody Allen fan and this one hit the spot. That doesn’t always happen. But with the number of movies he’s put out it’s not surprising one or two don’t measure up against the rest.

I thought I’d share my 10 favourite Woody Allen movies with you just in case seeing his new one inspires you to have a mini film festival at home. (I was only going to name 5 but please…)

Here they are:

Annie Hall



The Purple Rose Of Cairo

Broadway Danny Rose*

Crimes and Misdemeanors*

Hannah and Her Sisters*

Husbands and Wives*

Radio Days*

Bullets Over Broadway

* all time favourites. (the others mentioned I just love.)

I know not everyone’s a fan of Woody Allen’s movies so if you’re not interested that’s cool. But if you do decide to see his new film, or one or two (or all) on my list, I hope you enjoy.


2 Responses to “Whatever Works…”

  1. Fielding said

    Broadway Danny Rose is one of the best films ever made. It is superb!

  2. I love the way Woody Allen starts his movies. Black and white titles, always with the same font. A great piece of music from the past, revealing the theme of what you’re about to see. Then, the opening scene, which sets the tone, identifies the narrator, the style, the period, locale, … and the tale is in motion. It would be interesting, for me, to watch all the Woody Allen films that start with good friends sitting around a table in a restaurant discussing an issue which becomes the central theme of the film. Like: Broadway Danny Rose (the comedians telling the greatest BDRose story), Manhattan (friends discussing courage and illogical relationships), Melinda and Melinda (where good friends discuss comedy versus tragedy), Mighty Aphrodite, … I’d love to have a mini festival that features all the Allen films that start this way. I’d actually like to go through all his films and just watch the way they begin, all forty-two (?) of them.

    Thank goodness for Woody Allen. What a treat to have a new one every year. I cannot imagine life without his movies.


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