(Day 1) 44 Things To Do Before I Turn 45

July 18, 2009

43 years ago today (this morning actually at about 3am if I’m not mistaken but I’ll have to verify that) I was born in the Women’s Pavilion at (what was then called) The Winnipeg General Hospital. And what a ride its been. Although I can’t always see it or feel it, I believe life is truly awesome and I’m thankful to be twirling in it. So, I’d like to give a big shout out to my Mom for going through the effort involved in dropping me here. (Thanks Mom!)

Inspired by one of my favourite blogs (one of the flowers I referred to on day one of mine) I decided to make a list of 44 things to do before I hit 45. Most of the other bloggers I’ve stumbled on to who have compiled their own have given themselves a year to cross off as much on their list as they can. Well… I’m adding a year to mine, taking me to the mind boggling age of 45, and giving myself 2 years to complete it – or as much of it as I can. It’s been a challenge thinking of 44 things I want to do enough to write down (I should have done this when I was 12) but I think they’re worthy of the effort I’ll need to invest (not to mention a handsome bank roll- see# 27) in making them happen. If I can manage to do some of these, which I truly hope I can, my life will certainly become much richer.

Here they are:

  1. Learn to speak French enough to carry on a conversation or watch a french film without relying on the subtitles. (Update: working on it!)
  2. Swim for 10 minutes without stopping (or drowning).
  3. Go to Europe: Amsterdam, France, England, Spain and Italy.
  4. Devise a regular exercise routine to include yoga, swimming and running.
  5. Sleep better.
  6. Get something published – by someone other than myself.
  7. Finish decorating the living room.
  8. Buy a SLR camera.
  9. Go to the 50th reunion of my high school (not to be mistaken for my graduating year, please…) and not break into a sweat when someone asks me what I’ve been up to.
  10. Finish decorating our bedroom.
  11. Revisit NYC.
  12. Have more energy (hopefully when I cross number 5 off the list this will take care of itself).
  13. Start and finish an embroidery project.
  14. Drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day.
  15. Be, and stay, clutter free (this includes my computer).
  16. Shoot a short film (I’m talking 3-5 minutes).
  17. Maintain my ideal weight. (I ain’t telling)
  18. Sing to someone.
  19. Spend less time on the computer.
  20. Go to Trinidad.
  21. Fill a journal I’d like to keep.
  22. Write at least a sentence a day.
  23. Go on a road trip with Bill.
  24. Take a Nia class.
  25. Revisit L.A. (and see more of California).
  26. Learn how to type (your head would spin if you knew how many times I have to hit “delete”)
  27. Enjoy what I do to make money and make more of it.
  28. Have more patience.
  29. Go to at least 5 plays (so far… August Osage County, Stuff Happens.)
  30. Sew an article of clothing that I like enough to wear.
  31. Run 5 km without collapsing.
  32. Finish decorating my office. (aka my space)
  33. Go out more
  34. Take more photographs.
  35. Finish knitting my blanket.
  36. Take care of things as they come up.
  37. Meditate for at least 3 minutes a day. (doesn’t seem that complicated but…)
  38. Once a month, do one thing I haven’t done before.
  39. Read, read, read (I have to put one thing on this list I know I can cross off)
  40. Go to Winnipeg twice. (one down one to go!)
  41. Revitalize my wardrobe.
  42. Get organized.
  43. Finish my current writing project.
  44. Stop making so many lists (I tend to have 3 or more of the same list circulating at any given time). Update: Hm, I wonder why I decided to to a list a week for a year then… Go figure.

And away I go…


2 Responses to “(Day 1) 44 Things To Do Before I Turn 45”

  1. Mommy X said

    Once again…..Happy Birthday!

    Hope I can help with crossing 11 and 29 off the list…


  2. Angela said

    Great list!

    Shout out to mom as well. I’m so glad she had you! Can’t believe enough time has passed that you’re not still 12; where did it go? Better start on your list NOW… cause it does…

    Here’s to you attaining it all. But even more, I hope you enjoy every single moment of the journey there!

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