(Day 2) Hanging Out & Hanging In

July 19, 2009

I had a real nice day yesterday hanging with my sister in the afternoon then kicking back in the evening with Bill. My sister and I headed east to the Scarborough Bluffs and went for a long walk with the cliffs as a backdrop. The Bluffs are impressive. I wish the weather had been a little nicer though. It was one of those days where as soon as you take your jacket off the sun dives and hides behind a massive rain cloud taking the warmth along with it. Thankfully, it didn’t start to briefly drizzle until we had climbed the incline on Brimley Road to hop on the TTC back to civilization (that is, a pub on Danforth Ave. By the way, I’m the one holding the red.)

One thing I did want to mention about our visit to The Bluffs was the wretched amount of trash strewn across the park area. As wonderful as it was to see a number of families and friends enjoying time together, picnicking in one of Toronto’s many parks, it horrified me to see the conditions in which they were hanging. The photo on the left does not come close to depicting what it looked like so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Personally, I would have kept walking until I came upon an area (and there were some) more suitable for dining. With the state of how some of the park looked I have to wonder… In the midst of this never ending strike, why would anyone think it would be cool to leave their chewed up and spit out chicken bones, apple cores and paper plates (etc) in a garbage bin that no one has any intention of emptying? I’m all for enjoying public areas but please… clean up after yourself. It’s basic, common sense. I know it’s a massive drag for the city and its workers to be taking us (the citizens of Toronto and the visitors our fine town) down in their drawn out process of negotiations. But in the meantime (and even after it’s over), is it such a bad idea for each of us to take responsibility for the way things look around here? If a garbage can is filled to capacity maybe you need to pop your leftover scraps back into the bag they came from and bring them home. I know… I know… my bins are ready to explode too but the only thing worse then having to see my own garbage piling up is a rubbish pile belonging to someone else. It’s summer. We have about two months of enjoyable weather to sit on the waterfront or lounge on a park bench and an entire month of it has passed with no resolve from the city in sight. So in the places we need to share it’s even more important to maintain our own crap. And speaking of which, remember in most city run areas that means public washrooms are closed too. You can add keeping your legs crossed to the list of Toronto’s outdoor summer survival tips.

Now, for the most part, I have to commend us all for keeping it together. Generally speaking, despite yesterday’s detritus overload, when I look around it’s difficult to detect the strike has been on for 28 days (as long as I close my eyes and plug my nose when passing one of the drop off sites littered around town) so way to go Toronto. It does go to show that the more we pitch in by doing our bit the better. Hopefully, this will all be over soon.

Until then, my advice is: keep it clean and hang in there.


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