(Day 4) Trail Blazing

July 21, 2009

One of the things I love most about Toronto is the number of amazing parks and trails scattered around the city. For someone like me who doesn’t drive (and even for those who do) it’s a great way to escape the steady rhythm of traffic (on the street or inside my head) and get off the main road for a much needed breath of fresh air. So, when my head starts feeling grid locked with all I hope to get done in a day, I transplant my overwhelmed self onto one of these magnificent escape routes and let nature take its course.
The path following Taylor Creek is one of my favourites. Maybe it’s the calming sound of trickling water, bird song or a breeze passing through the leaves that keeps me grounded. Or the unlimited number of wild flowers and trees skirting the edge of a paved trail on one side or the more hidden (and shadier) rustic path, lead by short foot bridges over the creek, placing you under a canopy of trees. I think the combination of it all helps me keep it together when I need a break.

One of the best features of Taylor Creek, though, is the 10 minute walk it takes to get there from where I live. But even if you live a bit farther away, with all of the options in this city, you’re bound to find one that will have you breathing steadier in no time.

Actually, it’s a bit ironic that taking a long walk on a trail is what helps me the most when I feel like running away.


3 Responses to “(Day 4) Trail Blazing”

  1. Angela said

    Here, here… I second your park praise! It is amazing how many wooded trails, within the city, one can easily retreat to (and are accessible by public transit).

    “Toronto Discovery Walks” offer great basic routes introducing this glorious side of our city and the “Toronto Cycle Map” is also useful for someone who wishes to explore on foot. Both can be found on the http://www.toronto.ca website.

    Love the sense of green exploration in your shot!

  2. Mommy X said

    Love your pic….

  3. Angela said

    Just another reason to go outside “in nature” and take that walk!

    “Psychology Today” conducted a test and found those who went on a nature walk showed a 20% improvement in test results and those who went on an urban walk…none!

    Go Outside, Get Smarter

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