(Day 10) Best Before…

July 27, 2009

Wouldn’t it be interesting to take the parts of us that no longer fit into the image of how we’d like to see ourselves and toss them into the air.  We could hurl those useless traits into the sky like a dove and watch them fly away. I guess people do it all the time. But I have a way of hanging onto things passed their due. If you opened my refrigerator you’d be hard pressed to find a container of eggs, yogurt or soy milk past its prime, but old wounds or character flaws I stock pile by the dozen. Maybe not dozen but I hold on to more then I should.

The concept itself seems so obvious and simple. This bit’s no longer working… buh-bye. Stop picking at the scab or its never gonna heal. Pass the antiseptic and a bandage and soon all I’ll have is a new growth of skin with a faint scar. What is the benefit to hanging on, anyway? I mean, what is the point? I think it can get tricky because we’re so wound up in ourselves. Useful or not there are places inside of us buried so deep we don’t even know they exist. It’s difficult to see where certain patterns stem from.

I think it would be great to take a good look at myself at this precise moment. Scan the inventory of my characteristics and toss out those passed their best before date. I could clear up some much needed space on the shelf. Forget about what brought me here. Just decide what I really want now and what I need to make it happen. No untangling of messy anxieties, unrealistic doubts or imagined opinions of others. I’d hang on to most of myself but those hindering flaws would be floating in the wind. I just clearly define what I’m after and start gathering what I need to fill in the open spaces.


2 Responses to “(Day 10) Best Before…”

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