(Day 11) To Have and Half Not

July 28, 2009

Apparently the strike in Toronto has ended. I say “apparently” because until my g bins are emptied I’m not going to get my hopes up. I checked out the situation on line this morning at one of the newspaper’s websites, but after reading about a paragraph my eyes started to cross. Looks like the city workers are getting a lot of what they asked for. But, since I  just skimmed the details that might be only half the story. I don’t think its a done deal. I know I should inform myself more with what’s going on out there but whenever I read the paper (other than the arts section and even sometimes then…) I’m often struck with an overwhelming sense of dread and boredom. I read enough to get by and manage to stay in the loop by asking questions of people whose opinions I trust, but I could definitely improve in this department. It’s a matter of finding a  source of information that speaks to me. I haven’t found it yet. For what it’s worth, if I need to read one of the city’s newspapers I’d say, with the options I have, I prefer the Globe and Mail.

Anyway, soon I expect the teetering piles of trash will be removed from the drop off site closest to where I live which happens to be a stone’s throw away from where I enter my beloved trail on Taylor Creek. It’s been strange having to briefly hold my nose against the gagging stench in order to get some fresh air. But I’ll be honest with you, considering the strike has gone on for over a month it could have been worse. At least there aren’t any buzzards circling overhead.

The sun came out yesterday (thank you…) so I took the opportunity to stretch my back and legs by laying some tracks on the somewhat puddle ridden path. It was great to be outside after such a cool and soggy weekend. Everything looks so green and overgrown. I love this time of year. I know it can get steamy but I prefer it to the seasonal flip side which I won’t even mention. I will, however, quietly gasp at the fact it will be August by the end of this week. (What?!!!) Does that mean the summer is half over? Maybe I’ll try to think of it as the summer’s only half way begun.

(yeah… whatever works).


2 Responses to “(Day 11) To Have and Half Not”

  1. Angela said

    Birdgal almost fell out of her chair… there ain’t no buzzards here… Turkey vultures mayhap, but no buzzards (ha ha ha ha).

    I must say though, “Buzzards” evokes quite the visual and I thank you thoroughly for that!!

    • Kim said

      Who knew? (I guess you did.)
      Anyway… poetic license allows for a certain amount of liberties. Turkey vultures didn’t, as you say, “evoke the same visual”. I used “buzzards” in the figurative sense.
      Thanks for the lesson, though. Much appreciated: )

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