(Day 15) Things Are Lookin’ Up

August 1, 2009

A couple of interesting things have happened over the last few days… First of all, the sun poked it’s head through the clouds and the sky took on this familiar shade of blue. Wow. It actually feels like summer out there. Yeah, I’m serious. I checked the weather forecast and it claims, other than a bit of rain here and there, this coming week is supposed to be sunny and seasonally warm. (I want to believe.) To celebrate, I’m going to head down to The Beaches, maybe hit a few stores on Queen Street East then meander south to the boardwalk. I’ll definitely be kicking off my walking shoes and sifting my toes through the sand (wouldn’t dare dipping my them into the water, though, regardless of what some people say). Hopefully, the shoreline will be rubbish-free.

Which brings me to interesting happening # 2. After 39 days (you read that correctly THIRTY NINE DAYS!!!!!! I lost count after 28) the strike between the City of Toronto and its civic workers is now OVER!!!!!!!! I don’t have enough time or space here to include the amount of exclamation marks required to convey how I feel about this – mainly (to be honest with you) because I want my garbage dealt with. I do hope, however, after all this time, real progress was made to support ALL or most of the taxpayers. I haven’t delved into all of the sordid details of negotiation but I’m sure there’s at least one thing in the contract to piss each Torontonian off. I guess, you can’t please everyone? But, I hope they tried.

Okay, I’m outta here.  It’s time for me to slather on some sunscreen and get outside to enjoy every possible minute of this beautiful day.


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