(Day 16) One More Try

August 2, 2009

I planned to stay close to home today but changed my mind. Even though it looks like rain (again) there are a few items on my shopping list I forgot to pick up yesterday. It’s one of those classic situations… After spending most of the day outside, yesterday, I felt wiped out by the time I made it home. I had strolled along the boardwalk, and a stretch of Queen Street East like I had planned, meandering around for a couple of hours. Loved it. Then I hopped on to the westbound streetcar to head over to the St. Lawrence Market where I do my Saturday fish and veggie run.  So, I’m sitting on the Queen car heading west, thanking the god of travel for my metropass and seat next to the window (my feet were sore) when all of a sudden there was this mass exodus of passengers after the streetcar came to a halt. Seems as if there was a major car accident (not that the driver bothered to make an announcement), pretty much in the middle of the tracks, preventing any streetcars from going east or west. So, I started to walk and walk and (of course) walk. I have no problem walking long distances. I do it all the time but at this point I was tired.

Anyway… to make a long story short, on my way home (which is about 45 minutes with good connections) I waited at the streetcar stop for an eternity. Nothing. About fifty streetcars went by in the opposite direction. Not only was it a perfect summer’s day, it’s also Caribana weekend, so the streets and sidewalks were packed. Eventually, I decided to take the subway home and finally made it back to my hood about 7 hours after I left home. About three steps away from my house I realized I forgot a couple of key items on my shopping list (espresso beans being one of them. No!!!!!!!!!!). Now I have to go back out there. I think I’ll head over to Chinatown today and make the most of it. Here’s hoping the Toronto Transit Commission are on my side.


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