(Day 17) That’s Life

August 3, 2009

Took a soul infusing stroll through Mount Pleasant Cemetery yesterday. It was glorious despite getting caught in a ten minute torrential downpour. Strange. The sky appeared blue except for the dark and dismal patch above my head. Thankfully, the rain waited until I was just about to  leave before letting loose. For the hour and a half before that the sun poked through the trees or cast dramatic shadows against the tombstones.

Mount Pleasant is a thought provoking space – vast and peaceful. It’s difficult not to ponder life and death in that environment. Difficult not to think about where I’m at and what I hope to achieve in this life of mine. Difficult not to think about the people I’ve lost in one way or another or may lose in times to come. It’s not that thinking of those things doesn’t fill me with panic at times (not always…) but within those high stone walls I feel calm and reflective. What better way to stay focused on my own life’s forward motion then by those fixed and sturdy markers from the past reminding me, this is your life so live it. The breeze also seemed to whisper, you don’t have all the time in the world.

That’s just the way it goes.


One Response to “(Day 17) That’s Life”

  1. Julie DeCosta said


    Well, this walk in the cemetery sure brings back memories of when you, me, V and M had a light stroll after stuffing our faces at that lovely new Indian restaurant on Mt. Pleasant! Wish we could have stayed the whole afternoon at that place and then rolled ourselves onto a nice quiet grassy area of the cemetery to peacefully go into a slumber…..

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