(Day 18) Dreams of You

August 4, 2009

Oh… Sweet Elixir… Precious Nectar. Look at you. With your dark tone, rich texture and smooth body wrapped in a demitasse of desire. I want to inhale your essence,  but I dare not. I want to feel you dance on my tongue each step an explosion of flavour. I can almost taste you…

Yes. This is the morning I go for the blood tests my doctor ordered when I had my yearly physical. This means – fasting for 12 hours. The food part I’m okay with. I rarely eat first thing in the morning anyway. But mon café? My cherished little espresso that I top with a delicate splash of steamed frothed soy milk which I then sprinkle with coarse golden crystal of raw cane sugar… Mmmmmmm… The first thing I’m going to do once they slap that jumbo cotton ball and bandage on my arm is head east to the Distillery and grab a macchiato from Balzac’s Café. Nine times out of ten, when I utter the words “single espresso macchiato”, I get exactly what I asked for – which is no small feet.

The word macchiato means to stain. So, when I order a single I assume I’ll be getting a single shot of espresso with a dollop of steamed, frothy milk on top (although some who serve it may not steam the milk first). I could walk into 5 different cafés, ask for a single espresso macchiato, and be served 5 different drinks. The worst case scenario is when I see the barista reaching for a mug the size of a bathtub. In most places, whether they know how to make one or not,  I don’t take any chances. I request a single shot of espresso with a bit of steamed milk (since I rarely get one outside of my house I order it with regular milk instead of soy) served in a demitasse. Seems like a lot of work but since I usually only have one of those a day (or if I’m having a rare second) I want it made they way I like it.

And Balzac’s I makes it the way I like. I also had a great one the other day at a new place on Broadview Ave (just north of Danforth) called Broadview Espresso. It was delicious. I’ll definitely go back to see if I get an equally delectable beverage the second time around. Because consistency of quality is the true test of a fine establishment.

I’m sure there are some other fine cafés in the city I could bring to your attention, but I’m drawing a blank. I’ll get back to you on that one. My morning coffee’s calling. I better go.


One Response to “(Day 18) Dreams of You”

  1. Julie DeCosta said


    Can we talk coffee here…unlike your 1 cup of specialty coffee a day, I’m in need of 2 on a stressful day teaching. The art of coffee brewing and design is unique, but what about the service?
    How long does it take to get a bloody cup of coffee on a 10 minute teaching break at Serious Coffee in Victoria? Staffed with international travellers, age 12!, they work like snails…..the Toronto side of me huffs and puffs and taps the ol’ fingers on the counter forcing them to speed it up or to enquire why they don’t just simply drink the caffeine themselves to move things along…? Why is there one person serving and 5 along the assembly line making the specialty coffees? Can’t they work as a team I wonder? And why are both serving stations always empty of napkins, spoons and cream?
    But, at the end of the day, I realize that they do the best they can and that once I get my coffee, I’m a happy camper!:) Now there’s the difference between the West coast and Central Canada! It’s all in customer service!

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