(Day 19) Belated Cheers

August 5, 2009

Yesterday was President Obama’s birthday. I was too consumed with dreams of an espresso macchiato I didn’t even notice. He just turned 48 years old, is African American (I mention that for the added wow factor) and heads one of the most complicated countries on the planet. I just turned 43, am African Canadian and a woman (he thinks he’s had obstacles to overcome?!) and haven’t crossed one item of my complicated to do list.  I know we all do things at our own pace but I’m just sayin’…

(For reasons beyond my control I’m unable to link to the post from July 18 which mentioned the to do list I’m referring to. Sorry.)

By the way, for anybody reading who doesn’t know me, I’m just being cheeky with that obstacle comment. I really don’t equate running for president, with or without the added weight of what President Obama had to bear, with learning to speak French fluently or attempting to wedge a 3 minutes meditation into my daily routine. Uh, no… Truth be told, as this moment in time, I’m my biggest obstacle. I know that. That’s not to say I haven’t felt the energy of what it means to be a woman or a minority – and that’s not a complaint. Actually, in certain parts of Toronto these days, when I look around at the diversity, it’s getting difficult to tell exactly who the minority is – I love that.

Maybe it’s a good time to share something I wrote after watching Obama win the election back in Novemeber ’08. It’s kind of long but if you care to read it (if you haven’t already) here it is.


One Response to “(Day 19) Belated Cheers”

  1. Angela said

    Power to all people sistah… great shot!

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