(Day 20) Whew…

August 6, 2009

I stayed up way to late last night. On a scale from 1 (clear as a bell) – 10 (is that Kim in there?) the Grogometer’s hovering at around 7.5 . I’d love to have a second coffee but that usually ends up being a mistake so early in the day. I don’t want to add in a buzzed factored to my inventory of setbacks this morning.

Oh boy… I’m not even at the half way point of my forty three days of posts in a row and look what I’m resorting too. Grogometer? Buzzed factor? Wow… You’d think after having so many days to lock down a well planned system I’d have various photographs and post options lined up and ready to go. I keep meaning to do this. It does seem like a good idea. After twenty days, I still find myself sitting here every morning wondering what the hell I’m going to say.

Whew… That’s one more out of the way.

(Seems like I’m experiencing way too many groggy days lately. I need to work on that one. Stay tuned.)


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