(Day 25) Ramble On

August 11, 2009

I was roused out of my sleep this morning by the nasty screech of my alarm. “Screech” might be too harsh a description but, since I’m usually up before it goes off, it scared the piss (not literally,  thank God!) out of me.

You see, it’s garbage day in my neighborhood today This is the first garbage day for us (those who share my number on the solid waste calender) since the bad-assed strike ended. Last week they picked up our recycling, today its the trash. My grey bin (garbage) has way less  in it than my blue bin (recycling) did which makes me kinda happy. Almost 2 months and my g bin’s not even full… and it not very big to begin with. Anyway… I woke up early because of the green bin. That’s the container we use for compostable waste. I prefer wheeling it (I usually carry it, actually, since the mini wheels on this thing rarely allow the bin to maintain its upright position) out on the morning of because the wildlife in this hood, and I’m thinking all over Toronto, tend to view the evening we take our crap to the curb as Buffet Night. Nothing like opening the curtains in the morning, while drawing a complete breath, to notice the contents of your green bin drop kicked into the middle of the road. Nice. Yeah… I love sauntering down my driveway first thing in the morning with a clothes pin clamped over my nose and a bag over my head while silently chanting, please don’t let anybody see me. In moments like that all I want to do is scrape my rubbish off the road then run back in the house to have my morning coffee. When I see my bin knocked over I get out there a.s.a.p. You never know what time the truck’s going to roll in. The guys who pick up the trash ain’t gonna go it (I don’t blame them) and it gets left behind. And, once the truck rolls over it you basically have to peel the stuff off. Ew… Then you’re stuck with it for another week. There’s something very humbling about plucking potato peels and swiss chard stems of the sidewalk with your mouth guard still on. So, I choose to put it out in the morning. It’s much faster to place the bin at the curb then it is to pluck it’s contents off the curb, if you know what I mean? When I went outside this morning the weather was absolutely divine. Seriously gorgeous. Quiet street, awesome light. I did notice someone’s bin had been scatter over the sidewalk a few doors up the street. But, that wasn’t my problem.

Yesterday, after the pep talk post I wrote, I scuttered out to the garage to do some serious organizing. I took all of my stuff off the shelves and laid it out in the back to see what needed to be done. Pretty much as soon as I had it all spread out, a giant rain cloud rolled over the area where I was working. I had to pack everything up and toss it back in the garage. It’s a very functional space but it’s nothing fancy. A lot of spider webs live in there and it’s dusty.  I had to wear long pants and sleeves. And did I mention it was stiffling in there? (It was pretty hot out yesterday) I need to go back in first thing this morning (like now) to reel it all in before I get going for the day. Next week, Bill and I plan to rent a car for a few hours to do a few car chores. We don’t own a vehicle (which I like) and every so often we have a car day to do some major running around. I want to be as ready for that as I can so I can  drop off whatever I can to be donated. And, there so many wine bottles I’ve let pile up over the months that to be returned. If time permits today I want to tackle a few things in the pantry too. Get this stuff off my back once and for all.


2 Responses to “(Day 25) Ramble On”

  1. Mommy X said

    They should clean it up…they get 18 sick days they can bank after all!!!

    We keep our green bin in the garage and every once in awhile the garage is not closed properly..and I’m not blaming anyone here. So..usually the next morning the raccoons have used their nimble little claws to pry open the garage and pig out…ugh…and I always have to clean it up. Broom and child-size shovel in hand!!

  2. […] 25, 2009 Why does garbage day seem to piss me off so much lately? (I also wrote about it here and here. And by the way, once again the street cleaners came this morning to hose down and dust […]

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