(Day 27) The Mighty One

August 13, 2009

I woke up hard this morning. Meaning, when I opened my eyes at 8:00, it felt like cement blocks had attached to my upper lids and steel wool had replaced my grey matter. I originally woke up (actually, that was about the 4th time during the course of my “sleep”) at 6:50. Thought I’d lay in bed for a few more minutes then get up to tackle the day. But, I guess I passed out, then slipped into one of those dreams (lucky for you I can’t remember what it was about) that pulled me under. And now here I am… an hour behind and still trying to fine tune the old focus dial. I imagine once I take a shower things will start looking up.

So, the other day I spent a couple of hours in the garage and pretty much accomplished what I set out to do. I organized clothes and items for donation from the heaps of stuff I’d tossed in there after sweeping through the house a few months ago. The only hitch is… I actually ended up retrieving a few items. I couldn’t believe it. I’m giving myself  until the end of the week to decide if I’m going to keep the stuff or not, otherwise back into the garage they go. I have an interesting and fairly simple craft project in mind for a some of the items and if when I get to it, I’ll let you know.

Last night, after our ritual (at home) dinner and a movie, Bill and I decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. What a great idea. What drew us out there to begin with were the bags of yard waste we put out on garbage day  that the city was supposed collect. Pretty much everyone on our block had dragged their old leaves and branches to the curb expecting them to be picked up (as the City of Toronto garbage and recycling calender claimed) but no such luck.   According to our neighbor, it seems as if they decided to skip a cycle. I checked this out before hand but I guess I must have missed that piece of information. This is a minor blip in the big scheme of things, and it did get us outside – so I’m going to forgive them. On our extended stroll around the block we saw three raccoons. They pretty much take over the ‘hood after lights out and I’ll admit, they kind scare me. We also had a visit with great cat who, of course, ran up to Bill and threw itself against him with glee as soon as Bill crouched down to say hello.

We had a cat we recently had to put down after finding out he had Feline Chronic Renal Failure. I can’t begin to tell you how difficult that was for us. Nino, The Mighty One as I liked to call him (he went by many names), was an amazing pet. That’s a picture of him and I at the beginning of the post on a day I was going through my closet. He’s been gone for about three months now. When Bill sat down last night to dinner he mentioned how much he was missing Nino. I couldn’t believe it. Not that he was/is missing him… we miss him all the time just don’t always say it out loud. But, at that very moment, I was completely plunged into missing Nino mode, too. Did I mention he was the best cat… Ever. He was. I could definitely write about him for the rest of the week (the rest of the month!) and not get close to expressing  how much character he had, how loving he was or how much we both miss him.

So, this post is to you Nino. We miss you and love and feel completely blessed to have had you in our lives.


One Response to “(Day 27) The Mighty One”

  1. bill said

    I’ve been missing him lately. His various meows, like when he excitedly came running down to greet me. Flop, purr.


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