(Day 33) The Nibbles

August 19, 2009

I feel a slight edge this morning. The nibbley teeth of anxiety are nipping at my heels. I must stay one step ahead of the annoying chomp since I have zero desire of allowing the feeling to sink its teeth in. I think this is about the piles that have formed (yet again) around my work space. The papers, notes, lists, books and journals… they don’t seem to go away. I’m so much more organized in some ways then I was a few months ago. But, I still don’t have it completely together. As much as I cherish my work space, the set up is a little awkward. Usually, I’m okay with this but sometimes, like now, it makes me want to scream. The best remedy is to claw my way through the anxiety and straighten things up so I can breath. The tricky part is I only have so much storage space. Where do I put it all? I’ll figure it out. I know I can’t just stand here knee deep in the jitters.

I didn’t go swimming this morning as I claimed I would but hold on… I’ve decided to go on Friday instead. I want to go twice this week and going on Friday¬†spaces things out (I’m spaced out enough as it is- haha?) better. Also, I like to leave a few days between washing my hair otherwise a major frizz will set in. I’m frazzled enough at the moment, thank you very much.


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