(Day 35) Friday Again?

August 21, 2009

Is it Friday already?! That went by fast. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up today. I’m very pleased that I managed to hit the deck again this morning. On my walk over I figured out how to deal with the pool’s closure between Sept 7 – 27 to keep me on track. I plan to wake up at least two days of those weeks and get started as if I were going for a swim. Instead of going to the pool, though, I’ll go for a walk or (yikes) mild jog. Something to keep me in the groove. Otherwise…

Today’s swim felt a bit more challenging then the previous plunge on Monday. I felt tired and a little out of shape at times. I kept reminding myself it’s been a long time since I last swam on a regular basis and to be patient. It takes time to get back on track. It would serve me well to take a swimming lesson or two. I can manage pretty well for the most part, but if I had some proper training on breathing technique and learned a couple more strokes, things could take a turn for the better. The pool I go to now is absolutely fine. But, the pool in the community centre at Trinity Bellwoods Park, where I used to go, was wonderful. It has huge windows and I remember a couple of mornings in the winter they kept some of the overhead lights off so the natural light streamed in. Ah… Loved that. When I started swimming there I felt a bit intimidate because my  technique (or lack of one) was pretty shaky. After I had been going there for awhile a couple of the life guards and a fellow swimmer gave me a few suggestions that helped me out a lot. Man, when you do something properly what an enormous difference it can make. I’d like to learn how to do that flip over turn thing you do at the end of a length. I usually stop after each length to catch my breath. I look forward to the day I can go for several laps without stopping.

I’m going to buy a new bathing suit today. I had to really watch myself when I stood up out of the water. To play it safe I remained in a hovered squat position when I was in the shallow end. Didn’t want a swimsuit malfunction to occur.

Last night we had an awesome storm in Toronto. My sister, who lives in the west side of town, called to see if the storm had hit the east end (it hadn’t) and to shut my windows on the west side of the hou… Her power cut out so I lost her. A few minutes later the sky got real dark. Then, the breeze picked up, thunder and lighting ripped and crackled across the sky and the rains began to fall. I love a good rain storm. I find the energy attached to them exciting. After it stopped raining the sky got light and turned a greenish yellow colour – almost like a muted glow. It was truly beautiful. I found out this morning tornadoes had torn through Ontario. Many people were left without power. On my way home from the pool I noticed trees branches tossed into yards and debris in the middle of the roads. Outside of the city was much worse. One person died and many homes and businesses were severely damaged.

The mightiness of nature…


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