(Day 36) Uh… Hello…

August 22, 2009

There are so many things I don’t get about people. There’s plenty I don’t get about myself either but if you’ve be following along here I’m gathering you’ve clamped onto that fact. I’ve witnessed a lot of the I-Just-Don’t-Get-It theme on public transportation. Take this example from yesterday… Is it really necessary to slam that giant burrito into your mouth now?! Here?! On a packed subway car sitting wedged between two strangers? I’m sure you must be hungry, but come on, can’t you wait ten minutes or until you have a bit more space to yourself? How about when someone decides (and this has happened way too often) to select a new ringtone  for their cell phone and proceeds to sample every annoying possibility while sitting right beside me – or so close it feels like they are – while I’m trying to read. Puh-lease… Cell phone use in general can really push a lot of my I-Don’t-Get-It buttons so I may need to write about that topic in a post of its own. And another thing… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen (or heard) people CLIPPING THEIR NAILS (fingernails Thank God!) on the TTC. Give me a break. This is where I stand up and walk away. If a stray shard ever  happened to nick any part of my person, I think I’d lose my mind.  Let it be written, nail clipping must be filed (haha) under the category of personal hygiene and should only be executed in the privacy of one’s home. Speaking of personal hygiene, let’s move away from public transportation, shall we, and pay a visit the to the women’s washroom. What’s up “ladies” with the amount of urine left on the toilet seats in public washrooms. Huh? Huh? I understand some of us need to do the squat thing (sorry fellas if you’re cringing here but this is a fact of life) but (butt?) even so… I still don’t understand. If you (by chance?!) happen to dribble on the toilet seat… WIPE IT OFF!!!! This is not complicated stuff. Clean up after yourself. That goes for throwing used hand towels (and other items) into the garbage. And also, don’t forget to flush. Wow… One more thing before I go. I don’t understand when two or more people are walking side by side on the sidewalk and not one of them will break form to allow anyone to pass. I’ve had to scale fences, dive into traffic, stop dead in my tracks or crawl between people’s legs just to get from point A to B. And I’m telling you… one of these days there’s going to be trouble. So move the F’ over. I’m not asking you to change direction. I’m not asking you to stop moving along. I just want one person in the pack to shift into single file so I can continue on my way at the same pace you are.

There are some spaces we to share out there so let’s get it together.


One Response to “(Day 36) Uh… Hello…”

  1. Dennise said

    woohoo!!!! let it all out gf!!! hold nothing back

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