(Day 37) Buzzing

August 23, 2009

I’ve got a bit of those futility blues today. Yeah… that why bother feeling is floating ’round my head like one of those enormously irritating mosquitoes who buzz inside your ear with that insanity inducing drone and are too tricky and elusive to flatten your palm over to stamp out. (Wow, that was a long sentence) Not exactly sure where this feeling emerged from. I just woke up with it. It’s still early though. (Actually, it’s not that early. It’s almost 10:30. Still…) I’m hoping my spirit will wade its way through the mucky waters and start to climb upward, soon.


I have no idea how to spend the day even though I have about 30 items at the top of my household chores checklist (when don’t I?) to tackle. Don’t feel like doin’ any of ’em. I bet if I get a few of things scratched off it will make me feel a bit better. We’ll see…

Ever notice how the word “ill” fits into the word “will”?



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