(Day 38) You Be The Judge

August 24, 2009

So… Seems as if precedent may be getting set when the other day a case was won against Google forcing them to reveal the name of a blogger who had posted some slanderous  remarks about a model on their site. If you’re interested in the story you can read about it by clicking here. I agree with the ruling in this case. If someone’s going to write libelous and nasty remarks about a person and then post it for the world to see, they shouldn’t be able to hide behind the shield of their computer screen. That’s not to say we have to watch every single word we’re saying. No way…We all have our own opinions and ways of seeing the world that not everyone may agree with. But, if you’re going post lies and sling dirt into somebody’s face you should stand up and take the possible repercussions for that choice. Why bother making up stories about people anyway?

As the theme song for the that great ’70’s television show, Baretta, wisely proclaimed… “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. No… Don’t do it.” And speaking of crimes, can you believe I didn’t know that was Sammy Davis Jr. singing that song? Crazy. I love that song. I used to watch Baretta all the time. I guess I was too young to make the connection that Sammy Davis Jr. was the groovy cat imparting those words of wisdom. I would have embedded the clip of it I found on YouTube but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Sorry.

I’ve always liked the sentiment of those lyrics. Regardless of how simple or severe,  when you commit whatever kind of an offense, whether legal, moral, personal or universal, there’s always a chance you might get busted. Putting the legal issues aside, I think each of us has an unique way of measuring how we honour (or dishonour) ourselves and those around us. This is why it’s difficult (and pointless) to judge another person’s decisions in life. What one person might find deplorable someone else may find completely cool. As long as we aren’t delibarately hurting anyone… And really, I think we know when we’re crossing a line whether we want to admit it or not. In the big picture I don’t think anybody gets away with anything. You may be able to slip under the radar to some degree but often it’s our own conscience can be the harshest judge of  all.


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