(Day 39) G Day

August 25, 2009

Why does garbage day seem to piss me off so much lately? (I also wrote about it here and here. And by the way, once again the street cleaners came this morning to hose down and dust the street  before the g trucks rolled in. Huh? I’m happy they’re cleaning the road and all but the timing is a bit off. Seems like a waste of effort, time and money.) I didn’t used to get worked up about g day. This morning I noticed someone had strolled over to the curb in front of my place in the wee hours and dropped a few of their bags next to our neatly placed bin. This is not a gimungous (yes, I made up that word) catastrophe but it has left me feeling miffed.

In Toronto, as in other cities around the globe, we have bins (we pay a fee for them depending on the size) that we wheel to the curb. We each get, if I remember correctly, four stickers a  year we can use on garbage bags if we have too much rubbish to fit into the bin whose size we chose. Bill and I chose the mid-size garbage bin and I’m happy to say we rarely fill it to capacity in a month let alone in the two week span between garbage collections. Anyway… the fact that someone decided to put their trash bags next to our bin might have resulted in a fine for us since it would have tipped us into the over the limit category. But, because of the strike, that ended after 39 days of no garbage collection at the end of July, there has been no limit to the amount of trash or recycling we put out on our designated day until the end of this month. So, why am I feeling so burned that someone’s dropped their three bags on my turf?

I guess you could say I’m triggered (or in a transference as some like to call it) into that feeling of someone leaving their mess for me to deal with. You know the feeling… A person can’t be bothered to deal with their junk so they leave it for someone else to tend to. Here… let me dump my crap on your doorstep (or curb as the case may be) because I don’t want to look at it. Gee thanks. Who knows what’s in those bags (I certainly ain’t going to be checking) or why they couldn’t leave it in front of their own house? Don’t go trotting your waste filled baggage for me to look at, or smell, or have anything to do with – I’ve got my own shit to deal with.

Ironically, I’ve been posting for thirty nine days straight – the same length of time the strike lasted for. No wonder I’m so cranky.


One Response to “(Day 39) G Day”

  1. Angela said

    Mayhap they knew what your picture was going to be today and decided “One Toronto” included your garbage area…

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