(Day 42) Girl, Interrupted/ Argh…

September 2, 2009

Let’s pretend for a moment that today is actually August 28th

I was really hoping to post today but it appears as if this isn’t going to happen. I’m disappointed. I’ll blame the situation on an uncooperative internet connection or an unsupportive laptop configuration. Not sure which of these two devices is the culprit. I know I dropped a disclaimer at the beginning of my well hatched plan to pay tribute to myself but there is a small – ish (okay, so maybe it’s more of a midsized) nugget inside my… head? (where is it exactly?) that keeps nagging me I’ve failed. Two days short of pulling it off. I’m not saying 41 plus 2 ain’t impressive even though there are many more awesome things going on out there like, say, finding a cure for one of the many horrible diseases floating around, climbing a mountain or running a marathon – that kind of thing. But for me, at least, this has been an achievement of sorts.

So there it is.

And here I am in Winnipeg: land of the vast sky, sweet smelling air and friendly (for the most part) Manitobans. It’s also where I was born, where I first had my heart broken (then broken again… then again…) and where I spent my first twenty years scratching the top of my head. Huh?

I think I’ll unwrap those curly strands of hair from around my fingers as I attempt, in vain, to get on line. And now that my hands are free I’m going to head downstairs, stretch my arms wide open and wrapped them around my beautiful mom. It’s good to be home.


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