(Day 43) I Did It! Now What?

September 2, 2009

I made it… Kinda. Despite the mini interruption, a few panic attacks, several false starts (daily) and many deleted photographs (the horror!) I completed, for the most part, what I set out to do. And it hasn’t always been pretty. I started each day with a blank page and filled it as I went along. I never did manage to make a plan. Some days I scolded myself for this lack of preparation and on others I easily went with the flow. Either way, I’ve enjoyed sitting here trying to fold my brain around an idea and attempt to shoot that thought through my fingertips and onto the screen. I feel as if a habit has been forged and I hope to keep it up. I like this idea of having a theme. Who knows, I may do something along this line again.

While I continue stumbling along with what’s left of my 43rd year I wonder how many items I can swipe off of the list of what I hope to accomplish by the time I hit 45? (If you want to see the list I posted it on July 18th. For reasons beyond my control I’m unable to link it here.) I haven’t knocked one off yet (except for 22 – I hope I can keep it up – and 39) so there’s much to attend to.

I will definitely keep you posted.


One Response to “(Day 43) I Did It! Now What?”

  1. Mommy X said


    It’s a wonderful feeling accomplishing something you set out to do isn’t it?

    You rock!

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