September 3, 2009

So funny… I was just about to put the day count in the title of my post but remembered I don’t have to. I wasn’t going to write anything today but since I just got back from my first bike ride of the season (yes, I did leave it rather late) I thought I’d make note. I’m always a bit apprehensive when I get on the bike. I’m more of a walker. There’s so much to watch out for. The Toronto streets are laced with streetcar tracks, Tour de France type cyclists and meandering pedestrians. I prefer using the trails even though my back wheel got clipped on one once, years ago, and I landed head first into a chain link fence. Nice. So much for a leisurely stroll.

One and a half hours later…

I am so bagged from my bike ride I actually forgot I had started writing this post. I got side tracked by a phone call, then went out to the library and ran a few errands blah blah blah. I better wrap this up while I still have a few wits about me. I always like to finish what I’ve started. Yeah… like those chips I opened last night. I refused to get up until I ate the whole bag.  Okay, so I did share a few…


2 Responses to “Bagged”

  1. jaeale said

    I like your blog! Trying to read all the entries now, teehee 🙂

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