Swoon Why Don’t Ya?

September 5, 2009

Shee-it. The sun is on its descent at (what?) ten to seven and I haven’t written anything yet today. It’s not like I have to write anything – I want to. Sweet.

There are a few topics percolating but I’m not up to going anywhere too wordy at this particular moment since the glass of red has already been poured. Instead, I’ll leave you with this photograph.

It’s September people… If you live in a climate like I do that means you’ve got to get out there (actually, you don’t gotta do anything you don’t want tah) and enjoy every last minute in a tank top, shorts and flip flops, whatever you like to wear that doesn’t include a puffy coat and wool socks. Dig how simple it is to go outside without spending twenty minutes suiting up to meet the elements. Feel that sun on your skin. Listen to the call of the ice cream truck in the distance. Sit in the park and hang and dream and swoon towards the butterflies. Do what you need to do to lap up the last days of summer (sorry, but it’s true). But whatever it is – enjoy. Ah…


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