Great Shot

September 9, 2009

Check out the great shot of Atrium On Bay posted today at Daily Dose Of Imagery . I left a comment on the site earlier but I don’t think it got posted. I wonder why not? No worries. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands by giving the image and the photographer, Sam Javanrouh, a shout out here.

I’m really diggin’ that shot. I like most of the shots on his site, which I click on daily, but this one has a real wow quality about it, especially since I’ve passed that building many times before and never gasped once like I did this morning.

See… it often pays to keep looking up. You never know what you might discover. Great shot, Sam.

BTW, I’m posting this kind of late so if you click on Daily Dose tomorrow (or whenever) remember to arrow back, or go to the archives, to September 9th. I wouldn’t be surprised if you keep moving back through more of his great shots. It can be addictive.


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