That Gut Feeling

September 14, 2009

Nothing like a trip away from home base to clear the fog out of my eyes. I love to get away because I usually come back feeling inspired. I had a great time in Montreal. Saturday evening, Bill and I climbed a gahzillion stairs on our ascent up Mont-Royal. It wasn’t without effort but once we reached the top… man, what a view.

Seems like there are always so many mountains to climb. Although our trip was a little on the quick side (and that is not a complaint) I can’t wait to go back. It was perfect timing for me to be there. Not only to see the shows involved in Le mois de la Photo (I saw most of them and was incredibly impressed) but to remind myself how much I want (no… I think need) to learn to speak french. It’s like I’m not taking my years long desire to parler en français seriously. It’s strange how some of the things I want most for myself I keep stalling or postponing, or worse, burying. I know this is, in part, due to the effort it will involve to devout the time required to make it happen. Yeah… I’ve spent so much time the last couple of months watching movies and packing in the empty calories, that I’ve  actually gained a few pounds. Yikes! I find it fascinating, the number of ways I can suppress the voice of my inner gutsiness. I’m not dissing watching movies and having a snack every once in awhile but these things can be a bit mind numbing. All things in moderation, right? With the limited amount if time in a day (and holes in one’s belt) one must choose carefully how much and what we put on our plate. It’s all about priorities.

Now that the extra blanket has been pulled out of the closet and draped over the bed, to ward off the imposing autumnal chill, my urge for change has plunged deeper into my belly. So, I better make room for it.


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