Standing Ovation Please

September 17, 2009

I love going to the theatre. Whether it be live or on film, sitting back and allowing myself to be swept away by a moving performance,  great writing, smooth camera work, flawless direction, brilliant lighting (you get the picture)… what could be better? I don’t go as much as I used to, though. For one thing, ticket prices have sky rocketed to an astounding degree. I’ll flip out the cash when I have to but I pick and choose carefully what I spend my dollar(s) on. Another major detractor in going to the theatre, is the audience. It’s a case where even though the majority are fine it’s the one or two buffoons that can spoil the experience for me. Cellophane candy wrappers (must you unsheath those now?!!!) and the dry cough at the most quiet moment aside… I’ve heard people, on more than one occasion, having full blown conversations in a “stage whisper” that has made me want to march up the aisle to the gabby offenders, grab them by the lapel and demand them to pay me my hard earned money back. One of the worst experiences I’ve had was at a concert where my boyfriend (man friend? partner? I’m never sure how to express it.) was performing in a decent sized concert hall in Toronto. It was just after intermission and the lights were about to dim. A woman’s cell phone rang (insert Kim baring her teeth and growling at the memory). Instead of turning the phone off and apologizing to the large group attending the concert (not to mention the performers who had already taken the stage. Seriously.) she took the call. Not only that, when the usher told her to hang up or leave the house, she held up her hand as if to say, I’ll be done in a minute (what?!!) and continued talking. People were booing her. It was crazy. When she finally hung up the entire crowd applauded. What nerve, huh?

Yesterday, a friend of mine who likes to peruse the website came across a story about Hugh Jackman stopping a performance of A Steady Rain and basically telling a self absorbed latecomer to cork it. You can read about it here at a site called, Extra Criticum. Hats off to you Hugh. You are my hero. Standing ovation please.


2 Responses to “Standing Ovation Please”

  1. I remember that. What a cooke (how do you spell that?) – rhymes with spook?

  2. Dixie said

    spelled kook

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