This or That

September 19, 2009

I feel as if someone has taken one of my jumbo knitting needles from its resting place and jammed it through my left eye and down my nose. What the…? I’m gathering this is sinus related but I’m not usually one of those people who have sinus related complaints to deal with. Or, I didn’t used to be.

It’s interesting how one day you’re this person and the next day you’re one of those. I look in the mirror sometimes and see this woman blinking back at me, a little bewildered and somewhat confused, and I have to ask myself, “Where the hell do you come from?!” The problem is, I’m not sure which one of my selves (this one or that) I expect to answer. I’m not even saying I always mind being one of those, or like this (or that depending on where I’m standing), I just don’t know how or when (or even why, sometimes) this happened.

I need to think about that one. Or, is it this one? Man, life can be confusing.

(Ow, my head hurts.)


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