September 22, 2009

I’m so tired. I was hoisted out of my sleep by the early morning squeal of the garbage truck making its way down my block. I like to have the green bin at curbside by 7AM but I slept in until 7:25. I never know when the trucks are going start rolling in. It seems that if I put the bin out before 7 the trucks don’t arrive until 3pm. But, if I don’t spring out of bed at the crack of dawn to drag the compostables down to the foot of the driveway the g trucks arrive first thing . Whatever… The most surprising aspect of this mind numbingly boring event was that I was able to get up at all. I spent about four hours yesterday in various spine crunching positions (knee to gravel, butt on gravel, squatted, crouched, hunched) altering a portion of our pea graveled path (oh… the sifting and plucking) into a soil enriched oasis for some plants I need to shift around. The transformation looks pretty good even though I haven’t planted anyhting yet. I have an enormous grass plant located just inside the gate leading to my garden, making it a high risk area for paper-like cuts on bare arms or legs. They don’t call them blades of grass for nothing. I need to move that baby over to the soily area I just exposed and I’m not looking forward to it. You see, I don’t really know what I’m doing when it somes to gardening (among other things). Spring would probably be a better time to do the deed but I have some bulbs I want to shift in its place and I’ve heard the fall is the time for that to happen. Before I move the grass plant over (which I’ll probably do in a couple of weeks) I want to turn keep tilling the earth so the grass plant will feel at home and cozy in its new position. The thought of killing any of my plants upsets me. But, as in life – when tilling a new patch of earth to enrich the soil, sometimes a risk or two must be taken, right? I better just grab that hoe and dig in.


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