Don’t You Just Love It?

October 2, 2009

Don’t you just love, when you’re almost at the end of a cherished, over-priced product (in my case Weleda Iris Day Cream), that comes in one of those hard cased, tinny-type tube containers, attempting to extract the last dab of the moisturizing elixir so that your tired, parched face doesn’t fall off from all this newly dehydrated air and dust being blown about your house because you had to turn on the heater since it’s so cold your hair freezes when you step out of the shower (and it’s only October), that you have to squeeze down on the rigid shell of the hard cased, tinny-type tube container with such force that your fingernails turn white and your hands shake and you’re gritting your teeth, but you squeeze the tube in wrong spot so not only does the hard cased, tinny-type tube container split open (thankfully not cutting your hand in the process) it causes minute curly-cue lines of cherished, over-priced product to squirt out the torn side of the container in a thin worm-like stream, while (simultaneously) dispensing an enormous last gasp of cherished, over-priced product onto the palm of your hand, that, not only are you shocked at how much cherished, over-priced product was actually left in the tube, you’ve now wasted about a weeks worth (maybe more) of the over priced stuff, you can scarcely afford but happen to adore, and your fingers hurt and your jaw is sore and now you have to go shopping?

Personally, I hate when that happenes.


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