Misty Water Coloured…

October 23, 2009

During the last two lengths of the pool this morning, while using the flutter board, I snapped my goggles onto my forehead and pushed the sides of my bathing cap up over my ears. Along with the sights and sounds coming in more clearly these thoughts floated into my head:

I remembered my first swimming lessons at the West Kildonon Pool (I think that’s what it was called?) in Winnipeg on Mountain and Mac Gregor. I thought of my (by then divorced) parents who took me to those lessons. It was mostly my mom from what I recall. It’s all a little murky since it happened over 35 years ago. This conjured up the image of the house I grew up in and the pine trees that towered over my head when I was a little girl. All of this in the span of a few minutes.

As far as I know, the pool no longer exists. My dad’s no longer with us. Those pine trees tower over the roof of that house I grew up in, although the house is still in the family. And, my mother… she’s as lovely as ever.

I was going to write… “Isn’t amazing how things change?” In a way, yes. But, it’s also interesting how I’d expect them not to. To think how many lives I’ve lived since then.


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