Happy Hallowe’en

October 31, 2009

I knew I played the pumpkin card too soon. I was rooting around my photo archives for some scary shots and all I could come up with were various versions of myself (ooooooooooooo spoooooooooookeeeee…). I decided to settle on this less unsettling snap of one of the many pumpkins I’ve roasted this season (so far) and devoured both in seed and flesh form. Within a few days I hope to share a few fantastically delicious and simple recipes with you but until then…

Happy Hallowe’en!!!

If your dressing up tonight (which I’m not) I hope you’re donning something with an eerie, mysterious or sinister vibe (hm, I dress that way all  the time). Somehow, Hallowe’en has become more of a generalized costume show than anything else. But whatever… as long as the kiddies are having a good time prowling the streets in search of sugar laced loot. I hate to admit our house will be remaining dark tonight. I work this evening and by the time I get home most of the festivities should be over. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to dole out the peanut free treats (the only snacks handed out from my house) to the hoards of youngins howling at my door.



2 Responses to “Happy Hallowe’en”

  1. Mommy X said

    You are a wonderful friend!!

  2. Dennise said

    we had both avail, in separate containers…snickers for the non-allergic and cheesies for those with allergies…each kid (or parent) was asked at the door if any allergies..worked great and got some very nice feedback as well.

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