Ho Ho Ho?

November 15, 2009

I’m off to my sister’s for her annual Santa Claus Day Parade Soirée. Neither she nor I have any wee ones to drag down to Bloor Steet (sorry Mom) but we do happen to have the most excellent friends with the most awesome kids on the planet – two of whom will be joining us on the sidelines. I whipped up a batch of rice and peas that I make from time to time for the after-parade luncheon. It’s a very appropriate dish inspired by my half Jamaican side that my sister requested I make. Irie, man. You can find the recipe here. Very yummy. I woke up at 7 to cook it up and my house spells all spicy and delicious. Mmmmm…..

It always seems too early, for me, to bring Santa into the mix so close on the heels of Halloween but I guess the card companies need something to fill the gap (argh). And, in Canada, it’s not such a bad idea having the parade early, what with the (usual) frigid temperatures and all. Really, who wants to freeze their butt off in mid December, anyway? Today the temp’s supposed to climb to 15 anyway (with variable clouds) so I ain’t complaining. To be honest with you, instinctively I run as far away from these events as possible. Crowds don’t thrill me and all the fumes from flat bed trucks carrying the floats can be a drag. But, it is great to see my friends, who I don’t see often enough, and sharing the excitement of parade with the youngin’ is fabulous. So really, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Ho… Ho… Holy crap look at the time. This girl’s gotta roll.


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