Warm And Cozy

November 19, 2009

With the various holidays hovering over us like a credit card statement about to burst it might be the time to think of other ways to honour the season. I had planned to bring this to your attention a lot sooner but it has always been my way to leave things to the last minute. Sorry. I can assure you this is not always the best way to go about things especially when there are deadlines involved.

That being said, a friend of mine started an amazing project a few years ago, called Project Warmth. Project Warmth is “a Toronto based, grassroots organizations that helps families in need by creating beautifully designed gift baskets for children and mom’s.”

Unfortunately, the last day to drop off donations is this weekend on November 21. Please don’t let the rapidly approaching deadline (or my tardiness) scare you. If you are in the Toronto area and have some items that fit the bill below please contact Project Warm directly (see info below) to see how you can help out.

Project Warmth welcomes:

  • Children’s clothes and shoes (for ages 0 – 10) in good condition;
  • Children’s toys, puzzles, books and video;
  • Gift items for moms;
  • Your time to help sort, prep, wrap gift packages on November 28 and 29th, 9am – 5pm (greatly needed);
  • Help moving donated items from their storage facility to where the baskets will be made, Friday, November 27th from 7-9pm (for the move, they are also looking for people with a van, SUV or truck sized vehicle).;
  • Financial donations to help with purchasing;
  • Coffee and snacks for the wrapping volunteers;
  • Or, anything else you can think of.

If you are interested in helping in anyway, or want to more details or information, please contact Ali at alison@projectwarmth.ca or Angie at projectwarmthvolunteer@gmail.com.

What better way to feel warm and cozy inside?


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