Keep On Shining

November 21, 2009

Yesterday, I was all set to publish a post but when I clicked on the button to slap it up here the system seemed to have crashed. I’m not exactly sure what happened here at WordPress but it didn’t seem to last for long. Admittedly, a mini surge of the oh no vibe flared in my gut like a firecracker while I imagined the various possibilities of what might have gone wrong. For a minute or two, I pictured my entire blog evapourating in a puff and everything I had written over the last six months vanishing. Phtttt… I knew it wasn’t just me because I immediately checked out a few of the other WP blogs I have bookmarked, so I didn’t taking it personally. Thankfully, by the time I got home after work last night and was able to check in, everything was up and running. (Thank you WordPress for saving the post I was working even though after I reread it realized it wasn’t very good.)

Funny thing and kinda related… at work the other day, after about twenty years with the same handle (yes, as in 20. Two-Oh! 2-0) my computer login would not allow me to sign in. Yeah. Due to some unknown technical what-have-you that has not affected anyone else I work with, the system simply refused to accept the same old characters I’ve been using for all these years. And I liked my handle. It has become a nickname of sorts. So, when they told me I would have to give up my login name I felt the outside of my lips turning downward on their own accord. After a few minutes I figured – what can I do? Zip. Nadda. No-Thing. What’s the point in fretting about something I can’t change. I can tell you that doesn’t always stop me but what a gigantic waste of much needed energy. After my mini pout lifted I actually felt good about the change, thinking, maybe this is a sign from the cyber-based universe cluing me in that it’s time for something new.

We’ll see.

What I was going to write about yesterday was what a great morning I was having. I left the house a few minutes past 7:00. The sun was still struggling its way up. Joni was on my Pod singing a Song For Sharon which continues to send shivers up my spine despite the numerous (numerous!) times I’ve listened to it. Like when she sings… and the power of reason and the flowers of deep feelings seem to serve me only to deceive me. Fantastic. It’s off the Hejira album and its beautiful and perfect. Listen to it here. Listen to her back up vocals and her guitar work. And… and… and… But I digress. More about Joni some other day. So, I was listening to that perfect song on my way to the pool. And I gave and received unsolicited smiles from anonymous dog walkers. And my feet, as they swept through the left over puddles from the day before, felt light and alive. I felt truly happy. Even when I got home and spent all that time trying to get that post up before I left for work and the system would not allow me to, I just didn’t care. My morning yesterday was kinda like the weather in that, as much as it seemed like the clouds were trying to prevent it, the sun kept shining through. Nice.


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