Ooooooo…. Wipe Out.

November 29, 2009

I com-poe-leeete-ly wiped out on my way home from work last night. One minute I’m walking, carefree, with a spring in my step, the next I’m pretty much laying gut to sidewalk in the middle of the King Street West. Nice… This made me think about a similar sidewalk sprawl out that occurred a few years back in Paris (France, not Ontario) on a stunningly beautiful day in February. I decided to take a long stroll along the spine of the Seine. I was on my own, my eyes were wide open and I was looking up taking it all in when all of a sudden I was flying through the air. Trés elegante. An incredibly handsome couple walking toward me saw what had happened and when I looked up at them with my half smile and shrug (the universal gesture for – oopsy daisy look at what a klutz I am. haha ) they sneered then stepped over my crumpled form on the cobblestone. And I’m not implying that was a French thing since a similar incident went down here in Toronto a few years back when I ended up face down the on the King Street sidewalk (again) on the other side of town. It might have been black ice that got me or some other snow related mishap. But the “gentleman”, a stranger, who happened to be walking next me when it occurred did not even adjust his gait to see if I was okay. He just kept walking, with me at his feet laid out flat like a sidewalk version of roadkill.

Falling is so disorienting. I had no warning with yesterday’s fall. I hadn’t tripped, there was no ice to speak of, not a puddle or banana peel in sight. Just the same sidewalk I pass over almost every day. I remember, just before it happened, I was watching this woman with a tripod and camera. I was thinking how much I love seeing people snapping shots around the city and that I need to start snapping a few more of my own. Then, I thought, am I falling? I threw one of the bags I was carrying into the air (which on a Saturday night would usually contain a bottle of California red but I decided to forgo it this weekend, thankfully) in an exaggerated gesture of I-don’t-know-what. My knee hit the ground a good thirty seconds before the bag completed its arc and made contact. And, I wanted to just stay there, on all fours, with this pain shooting into my kneecap and my wrist feeling like it had split in two. But this sweet gal stopped to help peel me off the pavement. She was laughing and was I, too, because with the bag toss it must have looked hilarious. And yes, my ego got a little bruised but it cleared up quickly. However, the one on my knee is going to take a little longer to fade. But, I can live with that.


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