Is It December Already?

December 1, 2009

The plan was to have a list of ideas set to present, one each day for the next twenty days, come December 1st (seriously… already?), with various gift suggestions for Hanukkah, Christmas, the Winter Solstice, (i.e. days getting longer. Yay!) or, whatever it is you’re celebrating that requires you to take out a second mortgage and/or turn out your pockets or couch cushions in an attempt to give that special someone a little something you seriously cannot afford. (Okay, that was a long sentence.) Me being me, however, I’ve neglected to make that list. Instead of scrapping the idea altogether, though, I’ve decided to make it up as I go along. Why change now.

I’m hoping  this will be like an antidote to all the ads and canned Christmas carols we’re about to get rammed down our throats. I’d love this to be like a little whisper in your ear guiding you to reach deeper then your pocket and straight into your imagination or heart (not that buying someone a present isn’t heartfelt but if you can’t afford it…?) I don’t want to seem hum bug-ish about the whole deal but you have to admit… Things have gone a little over the top.

Suggestion #1

Rethinking cards.

Over the last few years I stopped sending out Christmas cards. I used to have a gigantic list but have been whittling it down every year. The few cards I do still send out I try to buy from a charitable organization (they are easy to find). And don’t forget, make sure the cards have been made on recycled paper. So much paper gets wasted at this time of year. The cards sit out for a week or two then end up in the bin. You might consider giving those on your list you don’t normally talk to a call this year. Buy yourself a phone card from the corner store for a few dollars and ring in the holidays with a quick hello. Or, bake something fabulous, wrap it in a little package and dangle it off the gift. How about a photograph you’ve taken with a short handwritten note on the back. Instead of letting a card company do the talking tell that person how much they mean to you. Whisper, sing or sigh them the sentiment. Or, if you’re not so great with words – just look deeply into their eyes, put your hand on their heart and press firmly. Let those loving vibes do the talking for you.


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