Breakfast In Bed

December 3, 2009

I’m not going to talk about the pitiful “sleep” I had last night or that this is my third sleep deprived morning in a row. No, I ain’t gonna go there. The good news is, at about 5:00 this morning today’s gift suggestion jammed its way into the buzz of activity inside my head. (I really need to work on that.)

Gift Suggestion #3

Breakfast In Bed

There are so many ways to make this one happen but here are a couple of ideas:

Whip up a batch of granola (check out this recipe), scoop a serving or two into a Mason jar, an interesting bowl or mug (check out Sasmart in Kensingtom Market, at 6 Denison Square if you live in Toronto, for an eclectic assortment of well priced granola holding ideas) and wrap it up along with a book, magazine or freshly dusted off remote control. Toss in a few bags of tea or a 1/4 pound of coffee with a note explaining that the recipient of the gift is entitled to a morning, or afternoon (or both) in bed. It’s gotten to the point where some of us need to be reminded it’s okay to grab a cup, shut the door to the bedroom and crawl back under the covers. Depending on who you’re giving the gift to, you can  prepare the breakfast for them on the day they choose, then slide into bed next them. Or, you might offer to do what it takes to keep the door shut and the noise level outside the door down to a minimal hum so they can dig into their morning in peace.


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