Toy Exchange

December 4, 2009

On a personal note: Today is a day that’s significance I wish I had discovered about 42 years ago. But, you can’t change the past… only look forward.

I need to be quick with today’s suggestion if I want to get to work on time so I better  jump right in to gift suggestion #4.

Toy Exchange

(Recycle. Reuse. Rejuvenate.)

Today’s gift suggetion is geared towards the parent(s) who might be finding themselves strapped for extra cash this year or with too many toys in their kids’ closet. Put out a call or email to all your friends with children (or to those who might not have any kids but an ample selection of child related toys). Ask them to gather up all the items they or their youngin’ no longer has a use for and then get them to branch out the offer to any friends of their own they can think of in the same situation. In a week or two (the earlier the better since the holidays are rapidly approaching) meet at some predetermined location and have a toy swap. This is especially good for the children young enough not to be influenced by the commercialized madness of having what their friends have.  I remember watching an episode of Sex In The City where the girls went to a “ex-change” party. Each person who attended the soirée was asked to bring along an ex-partner they were no longer interested in. The idea was someone else might find that person interesting or attractive (or both) and want to give them a try. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure… This gift exchange bash I’m suggestion need not be for mothers only. This could be a great opportunity for the single moms and dads to meet each other. Sort of like rejuvenating two birds with one (or more) toy.


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