Long AGO But Not Far Away

December 30, 2009

Took myself on a date yesterday to the Art Gallery of Ontario. This is the first time I stepped into the place since the big Gehry reno and I have to say… I am impressed. The place is stunning. And, for me to say that after seeing the joint on, what seemed like one of the busiest days of the year, is a monumental compliment. Normally, I would not have ventured into the gallery at such a hectic time of year. I prefer meandering through the various rooms with as few distractions as possible, having the works of art all to myself. But, things can not always happen this way. I wanted to catch the Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, The CondĂ© Nast Years 1923 – 1937 exhibit, which closes in a few days and, me being me, left it to the last-minute. Better late than never, though, the place was humming with activity. Lots of families fluttering around. Once I accepted the general liveliness I felt my heart melt several times seeing some of the parents introducing their wee ones to the art scene. It was wonderful watching the kids (I’m talking between 5 – 12 years old) taking it all in with such serious interest. I also learned a thing or two about various pieces, eavesdropping on conversations, while an enthusiastic elder explained a technique or concept to the younger in their charge. Nice.

After checking out the Steichen photographs (I love the fashion from that era) I saw The Alexander Calder Exhibit: The Paris Yeas 1926 – 1933 (loved it) and most of the other offerings at the gallery – except for the King Tut exhibit, which I avoided like the plague, since the line up for it was unbelievable.

Overall, I have to say, the gallery itself is a masterpiece. All those long curves and light wood. Natural light streaming in at various locations. The Galleria Italia… Stunning. And the place is big. Bigger than I remember and I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the AGO over the years. I was there for about four hours yesterday and could have spent more time but my mind gets full after a while. I didn’t want to gorge myself. I need to go back one day in the near future once the holiday madness has subsided. I decided that one just before I walked out the door.


2 Responses to “Long AGO But Not Far Away”

  1. Angela said

    Wonderfully shared. You have prompted ME to consider the journey to the AGO.

    Can you beat dat? No small feat.


  2. Dennise said

    I’ve never been, can you believe that. I’d love to make an afternoon of it with you one day. What do you think?

    Happy New Year my friend!

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