Out With The Old…

December 31, 2009

Is it just me, or did this year seem to whiz by rather quickly? Seems like just yesterday I was nursing my first hangover of the year. I can’t actually remember if I had a hangover or not those 364 days ago, but if my memory serves me correctly, I may have fallen asleep before the mighty hand of time struck that magical hour, flipping us into the new year. We’ll see how tonight goes. I have no major plan but the day still feels special.

I really wanted this last post to be filled with all of my hits of interest from the year but trying to conjure them all up is proving to be more difficult that I thought (insert static sound here). I should have kept track of the highs and lows when I decided I wanted to share them all, but then I decided to toss all of my shoulds out the window – where does that leave me? You would think, by the buzzing in my brain, nothing noteworthy happened but it’s a matter of perspective. What would be interesting to do this coming year is slap a sticky note on my wall each time I see or do something that makes an impact. I bet my wall will be plastered with them. I think we forget how many interesting ups or downs there are in a year – in a day, even. I’d rather hang on to the daily uppers and let go of all the yucky stuff. Not always so easy to do but I’ll give it a whirl.

A few random the highlights wedging their way into the hum:

  • The Contact Toronto Photography Festival I devoured in May. I check it out every year. Lots of great stuff. And, it’s FREE for the most part (I absolutely love that). I saw a few of shows more than once but it was Jeff Harris’s exhibit of  3,653 shots of himself (taken by himself or others), one daily shot over the span of ten years, that stands out. It completely worked for me and inspired my 43 self portraits on my blog after my birthday in July.
  • I started blogging. Something I’ve wanted to do even before blogging was an actual activity.
  • I started taking a french class. I put that one off pendant longtemps.
  • I almost completed a pretty substantial writing project (so close) I’m not quite ready to out yet. I’m not sure where it will lead me but regardless of where it goes, I will say, it is a real accomplishment for me and I’m pleased to have gone this far with it. Any positive vibes you feel like sending on its behalf, bring it on.
  • How do I say this one? If I’m laying down the highlights I have to mention the discovery of a jaw-dropping, buried treasure that was truly one of the best bits of news I could have ever received.

Okay, I’ll leave it at that even though, speaking of buried treasures, I know there must be more.

It is true, tomorrow is just another day, but, like the beginning of September, I have always felt a certain surge of promise when replacing the old calendar with a new one (note to self: buy new calendar). I feel the same way about Mondays but January 1st definitely delivers a more powerful kick to my butt which I need from time to time. I haven’t bothered to make any New Year Resolutions since I pretty much vow to resolve every morning when I open my eyes. It has been a good year, although, not always an easy one. Despite the bits of sad news, the heartfelt losses and sorrowful moments, so difficult to avoid in living ones life, there have also been tremendous gains. I’m thankful for that. The sun has not always been shining but I never expected it would. I don’t mean for that to be taken negatively that’s just the way it goes. A few cloudy days are what make the sunny ones shine brighter.


One Response to “Out With The Old…”

  1. Angela said

    Beautiful homage to a beautiful new day and new beginning. Happy New Year! May the sun shine as brightly on you as you do on so many.

    Love the pic by the way… yet another beautiful thing!

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