Me, Myself and Eye

January 3, 2010

I know I said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year but what can I say… I am a resolution-y kind of gal. The idea started forming yesterday after I stepped out of the shower and looked into the mirror once the fog cleared away. I stared straight into my eye sockets – above the mini bags, past the dark circles, beyond the flecks of red and through the hazel-y green forest of those windows to my soul. I leaned closer to gaze into my pupils, took a stepped back and said, “Woah.” Then, I put on my glasses and the blur just got sharper.

What I want is for my eyes to sparkle.

The eye sparkle is a subtle thing. I might be the only one to notice but that’s all that really matters to me. Still, it’s difficult to add that glimmer without shifting the energy field around you so that when you walk into a room people who know you can’t help wondering what’s shifted, although they can’t quite put their finger on it. I figure if once I make this happen I’m pretty much guaranteed to have knocked a bunch of stuff off my ever-present to do list because I think the only way for this glittery affect to occur (and I may be wrong about this but I don’t think so) is to feel free inside. If I were a bottle of carbonated mineral water I could compare the feeling to the swirl of bubbles that rise to the surface when the lid is unscrewed for the first time. Pfyst… that’s the sound it makes when the pressure is released. Yes, I know bottles of mineral water tend to go flat after a while but remember, I’m not a bottle of mineral water, that was just an example. (I could have used the pop-the-cork-on-a-champange-bottle example but when I consume too many of those bubbles I get a gigantic headache. Anyway…) When I sense myself going flat all I have to do is release the built up pressure, or whatever it is that’s blocking my effervescence (I love that word. Sounds all fizzy and alive), and feel my bubbly nature release and rise up and out through the sparkle in my eyes.


One Response to “Me, Myself and Eye”

  1. Dennise said

    oh Kim, I’ve always thought of you as nothing but a positive bright yellow light that always brightens me up whenever I see you.

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