January 12, 2010

Just checked out my year-end horoscope prediction in Now Magazine (a free weekly in Toronto. Look here to check out yours.) to see what the stars have in store for me this coming year. For the record, I do not consult my horoscope on a regular basis, but the last one of the year can be fun. Now, is it January 12th already? I’ve meant to do this since the 1st, so I gather putting an end to my procrastinator’s streak hasn’t wedged it’s way onto the list of sparkling insights – but maybe it’s too soon to tell?

Read on (from the December 31 – January 6th issue):

Cancer Jun 21 | Jul 22 I think everyone should always have an improbable quest playing at the edges of their imagination – you know, some heroic task that provokes deep thoughts and rouses noble passions even if it also incites smouldering torment. I’m talking about an extravagant dream that’s perhaps a bit farfetched but not entirely insane; a goal that constantly rouses you to stretch your possibilities and open your mind further; a wild hope whose pursuit makes you smarter and stronger even if you never fully accomplish it. The coming year would be an excellent time to keep such an adventure at the forefront of your awareness.

Perfect. That is so Me with a capital M. But, since I have so many ideas and dreams swirling in my head, my challenge will be to round-up them up, drideas I call them (dreams + ideas), except for one (The One), and push them further back from the “forefront of my awareness”. It can get quite overwhelmed and congested in there, blocking any freedom to flow – the exact type of movement a dridea requires. With these up and coming drideas hovering in the back of my mind, in their imaginary queue of realization, I can better concentrate  on the “heroic task” at hand. Nothing like a line up of wannabe’s nipping at your heels to get things in motion. And anyway, I work best under pressure.


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